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What we offer?

If you are looking to grow your business by accepting credit cards, we offer comprehensive solutions including: 

AFFINITY CARD PROGRAM: We assist non profit and for profit businesses and organizations to obtain branded credit cards. Our Affinity Card Program matches our businesses and organizations with partner banks that working with them to develop an Affinity Card Program. An Affinity Card Program enables our merchants to increase their customer engagement, achieve significant savings on their credit card processing fees and increase their revenue.

APPLICATION EVALUATION UNDERWRITING: There are varying degrees of risk associated with different merchants based on the nature of the business, processing volume and average transaction amounts. We apply stringent scrutiny in our application evaluation and underwriting of prospective merchant accounts. This review provides the criteria for establishing processing limits, average transaction amounts, pricing, and any reserve requirements ensuring that we will always offer our merchant partners guaranteed savings. Let us review your current merchant statement. If we can't save you money we'll give you $100.00--Guaranteed.

MERCHANT SET-UP AND TRAINING: We come to your establishment and input our software into your point of sale equipment or, if you prefer, new terminals that are shipped to you via 2 day mail free with your account. This software includes your merchant identification number and everything else you need to continue to accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover as well as any other payment cards but at MUCH LOWER RATES. Our software can also accommodate check verification, gift-loyalty card programs and American Express. After the download is completed, we train you on the use of the new software.

TRANSACTION PROCESSING: All transactions begin with an instantaneous authorization of the customer’s credit or debit card by the issuing bank. This process typically takes less than five seconds.

RISK MANAGEMENT/ DETECTION OF FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS: Our risk management and underwriting departments assist merchants in lowering their risk of chargebacks.  This is done by identifying and avoiding fraudulent transactions and monitoring for exceptions during the dispute resolution process. By employing these risk management procedures we enable you to lower your risk of fraud, reduce chargebacks, and ensure valid transactions.

MERCHANT SERVICE AND SUPPORT: We provide ongoing service and support such as answering billing questions, responding to requests for supplies, resolving failed payment transactions, troubleshooting and repair of equipment, education on Visa and MasterCard compliance, and assisting you with pricing changes and purchases of additional products and services, including internal services such as CardSync.  The information access and retrieval capabilities of our proprietary decision support systems provide our customer service representatives prompt access to merchant account information and customer call history. This data allows them to quickly respond to inquiries relating to fees, charges and funding of accounts as well as technical issues. We partner with you on your success by offering business building tools like gift cards and merchant loans as well as "Groov" a $150.00 per month value absolutely free.

CHARGEBACK SERVICE: In the event of a billing dispute between you and a cardholder, we help you investigate and resolve the dispute as quickly and as accurately as possible. Before instructing the cardholder’s bank to debit the merchant’s account for the chargeback, we provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate that the transaction was valid.

MERCHANT REPORTING: We organize our merchants’ transaction data into various files which helps to streamline your accounting practices. For example, we provide you with information, such as charge volume, discounts, fees and funds held for reserves to help you track your account activity. You may access this information online or by calling one of our customer service representatives 24 hours a day.


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